About Me

Having grown up in a college town, I was always aware of local as well as national politics. Throughout my childhood, I primarily engaged with the cultural and artistic opportunities that the University of Wyoming provides. As I reached adolescence, I found myself balancing orchestra with political volunteer work during the 2016 Presidential  Election, which sparked an interest in government and politics that remains to this day.

In 2018, I attended American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) Girls State, where I proposed a bill regarding sexual assault. Through this experience, I learned how to negotiate through differences in regard to policy, lead debate to mutually beneficial ends, and balance these two tasks effectively enough to be elected to go to ALA Girls Nation. During my time in Washington D.C., I participated in interdisciplinary discussions regarding sociopolitical domestic affairs and various methods to begin resolving the topics that we discussed, as well as additional debates regarding policy and bills. 

I now spend my free time working with local youth activists, when I'm not painting or playing my viola.