My name is Victoria Kent and I’m running for Albany County School Board Area A. As someone born in Laramie and recent graduate from LHS, I’ve been aware of the disconnect between the needs of the school and the administration for years. The recent response from our school board to the pandemic has reconfirmed this dissonance not only to me, but to many of you as well.

          There is a need for the administration to not only communicate, but to understand the needs of those affected by their policies.

          It’s time for a candidate who can bridge this generational gap, is willing to work with students, and who is aware of topics critical to student health and safety.

          Sexual assault prevention and mental health resources are critical to student well-being, and they have not received the serious attention that these issues deserve. As someone who has faced the consequences of inadequate policies, I understand how important it is to have new leadership that is willing to face these challenges head on.

          Now is the time for a candidate who will make lasting, influential policies to benefit our community. I hope that together we can build a safer, more communicative school district



Thank you for your interest in my Campaign! If you have a question, concern, or would like to get involved, please send me a message here!

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